Individual Private Medical Insurance  

Whatever you do today, you are going to be relying on your physical and mental good health. PMI provides access to private diagnostics and treatment, without long delays which can make a huge difference to your quality of life if you need medical treatment in the future.  
There are a range of cover options from budget Inpatient only plans with reduced outpatient cover to fully comprehensive plans with the widest access to specialists and facilities in the UK. Many plans are modular, where we can help you choose a suitable level of cover which is affordable.  

Family Private Medical Insurance  

We all want the best for our loved ones and want to do all we can to protect them. A family PMI policy will give you the peace of mind that you have done all you can to ensure they have the best access to specialists and treatment. 
Some benefits include private GP services, access to treatment and drugs which are no longer available on the NHS and parental accommodation to stay with your child to help support them through any treatment they may need.  

Company Private Medical Insurance  

The success of a company is largely down to its people, where a fitter healthier workforce is likely to result in greater productivity, less absenteeism and lower turnover of staff.  
Whether you are a sole trader, a small company or a larger corporate entity there are a range of PMI plans to suit your requirements and budget. 

International Private Medical Insurance  

Many companies have offices and workers around the world, where it is important to ensure that staff working abroad have access to the same level of healthcare as they would expect in the UK, particularly in places where healthcare is expensive.  
You might have contractual obligations to insure staff working abroad are adequately covered, or maybe you are an ex pat or require cover for an overseas student. Taking out an International PMI plan will give you the peace of mind that if treatment was required whilst abroad, expensive medical bills can be avoided. 

Cash Plans  

Cash plans have grown in popularity in recent years, offering highly tangible cover for a wide range of your workforce, including mental health support for employees and access to dental and optical treatments. 
They can help boost health and well-being, increase employee engagement and be a useful for attracting and retaining staff. With costs as low as £5 per month per employee, they are also excellent value for any business and can potentially cover a wider workforce that previously didn't qualify for a fully comprehensive PMI plan.  
Phoenix health and protection work with all the leading providers of Private Medical Insurance (PMI) in the UK, ensuring that you will have the widest possible access to a full range of health insurance solutions and by shopping around we can compare prices and offer competitive terms. Some of the providers we work with include:  
Why Have Private Healthcare? - Phoenix Health and Protection
Why Have Private Healthcare? 
Private Medical Insurance (PMI or Private healthcare) cover will typically provide immediate access to diagnostics, access to a wider range of facilities and medical resource, and reduced waiting times. Find out more about why it's a good idea to have private healthcare. 
Protection - Phoenix Health and Protection
Protection is planning for events we hope will never happen, where the reality is that unfortunately they can and do happen. It is recommended that you have adequate cover in place to protect yourself, your family and your business so that you are prepared for any eventuality. 
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