When we are fit and healthy, we can often take our health for granted  

Imagine a situation where you have early symptoms of a condition and are able to have a same day online GP consultation. You are then referred immediately to your local private facility and after authorisation you see a specialist for a range of tests, are diagnosed with a treatable condition and booked in for a procedure, all of which in a fraction of time it would take relying on the NHS. 
Taking out a healthcare plan will significantly reduce waiting times for diagnostic tests and treatment. Investing in your health by taking out cover ensures that you have done all you can to avoid lengthy delays in seeing a GP, providing essential diagnostic tests quickly and then being treated in good time to ensure the best chances of recovery. 

The facilities are excellent  

Many people who receive treatment at a private hospital remark that it’s more like staying in a hotel. Rather than have to share a ward You are guaranteed a private room with all PMI plans, giving you dignified privacy to help aid a swift recovery. Private facilities very often have their own specialist restaurants where the food is excellent, and visiting hours are much more flexible so there is no fighting over a parking space in the limited 2 hours on the NHS. 
Importantly, as the footfall is much lower in private facilities, there is a significantly lower chance of contracting MRSA and other communicable diseases in a private facility. 

You have more choice  

When offered a consultation or treatment on the NHS very often we don't give it a second thought, but if it was our car we were repairing we would want recommendations and some assurance that we have the best mechanic available. There will be specialists leading their field with a proven track record in treating patients. Private healthcare can offer a choice of specialist and facilities, which may not be available on the NHS and so if you want the leading knee specialist to treat you, there will be plans available to include them. 
NHS treatment in many cases will be booked months in advance, on a date or time which isn't necessarily suitable for you. You might want to delay treatment as you are going on holiday for example, but don't want to miss your slot. With private treatment you will have some flexibility in choosing a day and time which suits you so that you can work around your existing engagements. 

Your best asset is your health  

There is a huge range of different options for cover, from budget Inpatient only plans with a limited hospital list to fully comprehensive options with the widest access to specialists and facilities in the UK. All the main providers have their own unique set of benefits and advantages, where we can ensure you have the cover suitable for your requirements and by comparing providers ensure that terms are highly competitive.  

If you were waiting for treatment and couldnt work, would this affect the family income?   

You may be the sole breadwinner in your household where if you couldn't work for any health reason this could have a big impact on the family, or you may just be conscious that your best asset is your health and you want to protect this as much as possible.  
There is a huge range of different cover options from budget Inpatient only plans with a limited hospital list to fully comprehensive plans with the widest access to specialists and facilities in the UK. We can also use various cost saving methods to ensure that your cover is affordable.  
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